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Arthur, King of Time and Space Arthur, King of Time and Space

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Arthur, King of Time and Space


It doesn't come from my sources that the King of North Galis who's always opposing the Table in tournaments is really Nentres of Garlot. It's an innovation of my own.

According to the sources, the three queens in Arthur's last boat to Avalon are Nimue, Morgan and the queen of North Galis. The queen of North Galis is also one of the four queens who kidnap Lancelot and give him their ultimatum. And she figures in Percivale's portion of the Grail quest, when she tells him she's his aunt. In none of my sources have I encountered a proper name for the queen of North Galis, or the king either.

I just thought it would be aesthetically tidy if both the two queens at Avalon besides Nimue were Arthur's surviving sisters (omg I just spoiled that Morgause dies before Arthur oops). And since one of Morgan's four cronies for the Lancelot thing, the queen of Orkney, is known to be one of her sisters even if she's not named in that passage of the Morte, it only makes sense that another of them was the other (though if the fourth queen, of Eastland, comes into the stories anywhere else I don't know of it). But that meant contriving a relationship between Elaine of Cornwall/Garlot and Percivale that nothing in the sources hint at.

So given that Nentres and Elaine are of North Galis, and Percivale and his brothers are de Galis (though I don't remember ever seeing any association of Pellinore with Galis [or with Wales which is what Galis means], just as Lancelot hasn't in today's dialogue), which of Nentres or Elaine had the blood connection with the Pellinore boys? I had dialogued two and a half of the panels above before I ever stopped to ask myself that.

It couldn't be Nentres, I reasoned once I'd asked myself; because, from Pellinore's generation up, all the known males in that family have names starting with the syllable pell: Pellinore, his brother Pelles, their father Pellem. So I asked myself, what about the females? And there is actually only one female descended from Pellem whose name appears in the Morte ...

(We already knew that Elaine's father Gorlois, the first husband of Arthur's mother Ygraine, had another wife before Ygraine because it came up when we learned about Ygraine's stepson Cador, who was made Arthur's heir till he gets one of his own blood. That is another innovation of mine, that Gorlois had a first wife whose sons were Mark and Cador. Though, if Gorlois was significantly older than Ygraine as he's usually portrayed, it only stands to reason that she's not his first wife.)

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