The Hero of Three Faces by Paul Gadzikowski - Doctor Who, Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover cartoons
The Hero of Three Faces
by Paul Gadzikowski
Fanfiction, but it's a comic
strip with stick figures,
but they're triangles.
Not endorsed by the owners of the intellectual
properties saluted, does not infringe on the
markets of said property owners.
Updates: these days usually
daily about 18:00 Central
with annual summer hiatus.
Thanks for
updated 4/19/17
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Scully, Mulder (The X-Files).


Like last year, during The Hero of Three Faces's annual summer hiatus there will be reruns posted on the front page in no particular order on no particular schedule. As always, the way you can tell a rerun on the front page is when the "next" and "last" Production Order links are live.

I'll be working on a summer project like I did last year as discussed at the time, but like last year I'll be keeping you in suspense regarding its nature just in case like last year it doesn't in the end get done. This isn't a creative project, however, it's a site feature; if it goes bad it'll be due to some logistics issue not adequately taken into account instead of a failure of creative focus. So there's that.