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Arthur, King of Time and Space Arthur, King of Time and Space

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Arthur, King of Time and Space


In Le Morte d'Arthur Cador of Cornwall is named Arthur's heir at the beginning of his reign. No mention is made of any relation between Cador of Cornwall, Gorlois of Cornwall Uther's nemesis, or Mark of Cornwall Tristram's nemesis*. No mention is made of any relation of Cador to Arthur for that matter, but there is his mother's connection to Cornwall. Now, Gorlois and Mark are both rulers of Cornwall, and in that order. If Mark is Gorlois' heir, and therefore is Arthur's eldest male relative through Ygraine's marriage to Gorlois, why does Arthur name Cador his heir - or if Cador is older why isn't he made duke of Cornwall? Well, partly, I'm sure, because Arthur's and Tristram's were seperate story cycles until the fourteenth century or so; but mostly because Mark's a bounder. (Also, at least in AKOTAS, Merlin's already established that Mark's too old to legally be made a king.) Cador must be younger than Mark (but older than Gawaine, Arthur's eldest legitimate nephew), yet still as closely (or nearly as closely) related to Arthur as Mark, so Occam suggests he's Mark's younger brother.

Cador never comes into the story again, not even when Camelot falls. After Arthur and Mordred are both dead, Cador's son Constantine** ascends to the High Kingship. During the span of Arthur's reign Cador has either got too old or died.

* Of course there's also an Idres of Cornwall whom Le Morte d'Arthur lists as one of Lot's allies, who seems to come between Gorlois and Mark at the time of Lot's wars, but whom Le Morte d'Arthur never mentions before or again so as I recall now. In AKOTAS when the late Lot's allies finally swore fealty to Arthur, and in the text underneath, I presumed "Idres" was really Mark, since in AKOTAS Tristram's story is so in medias res, making Mark the current ruler of Cornwall. But even if Idres were a seperate person from Mark, having been one of Lot's allies he's about as likely as Mark to be named Arthur's heir. Same with Gawaine and Tristram, for political reasons even though Arthur likes and trusts them.

** Constantine is also the name of Uther's father in some sources. Cf. the thread titled Constans (spoiler) on the forum.

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