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Arthur, King of Time and Space Arthur, King of Time and Space

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Arthur, King of Time and Space


Recording the creative process

For some time - years - I wondered what ought be the contemporary arc analog of the Roman war. Since in Malory the Roman war comes early in Arthur's reign (and so it did in the AKOTAS fairy tale/baseline and space arcs), I imagined it ought to come into the contemporary arc near the beginning of Arthur's stewardship of Excalicorp. Correspondence with a reader on the subject offered (several times) the suggestion that Emperor Lucius' Roman empire could be stood in for by the WTO.

Meanwhile, I planned from the beginning for contemporary Arthur to run for president when he reached the age of 35 and was eligible. I planned for him to run on the contemporary issues of the actual election during the run of the storyline, and to deal with contemporary issues during his presidency.

(Anyone who complains that it's a spoiler for me to give away here that he's going to win can go jump in the Lake.)

But originally I planned for his opposition in the election to be an amalgamation of the two actual candidates running in the actual election. Though Arthur is obviously a liberal and his opposition would naturally be a conservative, and though I still intend to deal with the issues of the current day, I didn't want him or his opponent to be explicitly identified with either of the two actual political parties, for the same reason Clark Kent works for an invented newspaper in an invented city. (That the election in AKOTAS is one with a conservative-party incumbent, as is stressed in today's cartoon, hopefully does point up that this is a different world than ours, similar as it may be.)

My resolve wavered a little bit as the years went by. I don't feel educated sufficiently in economics to use the WTO as analog to the Romans, good as that suggestion was (and loyal as the reader offering the suggestion is). Though I've been trying more and more to incorporate the issues of the day into contemporary AKOTAS, making Arthur's political awareness grow, the fact is I'm not all that politically aware and not interested in being so. I watch Jon Stewart and I follow The Economist on Twitter; and with Yarbro's Michael, Abraham Lincoln, and Gene Roddenberry I believe things are going to get a lot worse before they get better; and that's about it. I never did work in an analog to the Roman war into Arthur's early days at Excalicorp, and I'd about decided it wasn't going to happen at all - even though I knew, in Malory's sources, the Roman war comes at the end of Arthur's reign.

Then in early 2011 this idea occurred to me (the concept, not the joke, which obviously I didn't write before last week), and everything was suddenly all better.

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