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Arthur, King of Time and Space Arthur, King of Time and Space

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Arthur, King of Time and Space


Recording the creative process

I don't recall whether I've mentioned in this space that the interstellar travel storyline in Arthur's webcomic is based on one I drew in the 80s when my pre-internet audience was a group of Chicago science fiction fans, in which an invented character sent myself and my former college roommate (the person whose birthday I've given to Lancelot) to Alpha Centauri while Aihok and Effex (who were my characters long before they were Merlin's) roomed with my old roommate.

Today's gag and tomorrow's, as originally presented in 1982, depicted my roommate and me going about in spacesuits, just as Arthur and Lancelot above are doing. But those cartoons were pencil drawings on notebook or printer paper, distributed by being passed around parties and weekly meetings in a three-ring binder. In other words, uncolored. I could write comedy duo dialog for a paid of anonymous spacesuits without deciding which of my roommate and myself was delivering which stupid lines.

But it's a convention of AKOTAS, and of the cartoon-within-the-cartoon here, that the characters always wear the same identifying color. Adapting the gags I'm using today and tomorrow for AKOTAS from my 80s cartoons entails actually picking which of these characters speaks which of these lines, which is something I was happy not to have to do in these gags' previous appearances. As I write this post I actually haven't done that yet, because I'm putting it off. I'm not sure why I'm putting it off. I'm not sure why avoiding that decision in the past has been important to me, or why having to make it now kinda freaks me out. But it does.

In other news, today's the anniversary of the day in 1994 when I started drawing pencil pre-web webcomics for the science fiction fans I knew in Louisville. ...I think it was 1994. I guess you're getting old when you remember the date of an anniversary but not the year. I could always get out of my chair and go look in the blue binder in the bookshelf upstairs. But that'd be cheating.

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