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Arthur, King of Time and Space Arthur, King of Time and Space

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Arthur, King of Time and Space


There's something that perhaps ought to be addressed for former King Arthur In Time And Space readers; or even current KAITAS readers, if the links in the discussions at the beginning of the AKOTAS sabbatical intrigued any of you who hadn't read KAITAS before. I noted at the beginning of AKOTAS-2 that, while it's a product of the same exercise as KAITAS, there would be differences. One of those differences is how AKOTAS-2 treats Star Trek: Enterprise. Or will treat it, if it ever does.

When Star Trek: Enterprise debuted, then called merely Enterprise, I'd been posting fanfiction stories and cartoons globally replacing franchise proper nouns with King Arthur legend proper nouns for a year or two. I'd also plugged in Greek heroes for superheroes, Egyptian gods for rebel alliances and their imperial enemies, a martyr in for a Slayer, and Robin Hood and other British Isles legends in for 24th-century Starfleet crews. When it came to a 22nd century Starfleet crew, my first thought was to plug in the legends of Maximus/Macsen, replacing a starship captain predating Kirk with a conqueror from Welsh legend predating Arthur. But Macsen ended up instead the KAITAS analog of Dylan Hunt before his time displacement, and I did something else with Enterprise:

Having enjoyed working King Arthur into an existing, complete Star Trek series, I decided it'd be fun to give Enterprise to Arthur himself instead of someone who predates him - and work him into an ongoing series as it went on. Enterprise assisted me in this endeavor by introducing in its pilot/premiere an ongoing story arc of a "temporal cold war". This allowed Nimue, inheritor and operator of Merlin's time machine at this point of KAITAS chronology, to put forward, in-text, the KAITAS version of Enterprise as not a previous history but an alternate history to the KAITAS version of Star Trek, due to a time-travelling adversary.

(On a different, metatextual level - that is, in the KAITAS "imaginary screen canon" notes - I posited that the imaginary tv show Excalibur was a new Arthurian space opera from a new creative team and studio, not related at all to the imaginary tv show King Arthur in Time and Space. But this is one of many details that's not important right now.)

Okay, jump ahead the history of AKOTAS to when I conceived this wacky idea of a working sabbatical. Part of the attraction of reviving the KAITAS exercise for what's come to be called AKOTAS-2 was that the Star Trek revival movie would premiere before AKOTAS-2 went live. But, lo and behold, the revival movie brought into Star Trek - and my exercise - an actual, in-source alternate history due to a time-travelling adversary. Although part of the attraction of doing AKOTAS-2 is that I can reprint KAITAS cartoons with minimal editing, presenting AKOTAS's readership with exposition for two alternate versions of the same history - one of which being my own invention rather than derived from a screen work they could reasonably be assumed to be familiar with - just seemed like a Really, Really Bad Idea.

So, when I reprint an Enterprise-era KAITAS joke as AKOTAS-2, I edit the uniforms; and if I ever do an Enterprise-era joke in AKOTAS-2, Macsen will probably get to be the starship captain.

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