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Arthur, King of Time and Space Arthur, King of Time and Space

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Arthur, King of Time and Space


Sometimes, like yesterday, an AKOTAS-2 gag is really about the characters whose names appear on the cast page; and sometimes, like today, it's fanfiction with the names globally replaced.

A coupla other topics, neither of which seem to have alone motivated a newspost.

1. All the reactions I've received on the cliffhanger before the sabbatical have been encouraging, perhaps best summed up by the first sentence of one of them, "You magnificent son of a bitch." Another referred to Merlin's death as unforeshadowed, which bemused me when Merlin first foretold it in July 2004; though I admitted I'd been talking it up less in the last couple of years than I did in the first couple of years, in hopes of getting this reaction when it came. Before I perceived the need and means of the sabbatical, I had planned to run the salute to Henry Blake's death just before the storyline depicting Merlin's losses in the baseline and space arcs when Nimue comes of age in 2011; when I decided on the sabbatical, I realized that making a cliffhanger of it better suited my purposes in doing it in the first place.

Yes, I did it this way largely to see whether I could; whether I'm having success at bringing these characters into people's daily lives as Captain Kirk and Little Nell and Snoopy have been brought, that the loss of one might be affecting. AKOTAS may not have the audience of millions that I feel the characters deserve, but it's encouraging that I'm successful enough with those whose attention I have that some small percentage is moved enough to say so.

But all the reactions have come by email, or by comments on the weekly compendium post in my LiveJournal. Doesn't anyone remember the discussion forum any more?

2. As 2001-2004 readers of triangle cartoons may have already deduced, one of the reasons I chose the format for AKOTAS-2 that I did is to permit me, on bad days, to crib one of those older cartoons for AKOTAS-2 (hopefully at least one whose gag I haven't already re-used; I must trust my spreadsheet on that) with only minor alterations required to the art. I've done it twice in two weeks so far (and one of those actually required pretty substantial art alterations). I feel badly when I do it, but I try not to. One, the purpose of a sabbatical, after all, is to be not burdened with your normal everyday concerns for awhile in aid of restoration and recuperation. And two, at least I'm not doing punchlineless fillers yet (those will probably start when I run out of pre-AKOTAS triangle cartoons that can be converted).

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