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The links section now has a button for the Hero of Three Faces Tumblr, begun last autumn. The main Three Faces site remains the subdirectory here on the AKOTAS site, but I wanted a place where I could post past and current Three Faces cartoons and have people able to comment and hit a like button and reblog and search by tag. New Three Faces cartoons appear at the Tumblr about twenty four hours after they appear here; and, on days when there aren't new Three Faces, Tumblr will usually have an old Three Faces or even a Tumblr-only triangle fanfiction cartoon. All this year there's an ongoing series of Tumblr-only cartoons celebrating Doctor Who's fiftieth anniversary.

Of course, Tumblr is a social network too, and besides the cartoons on my tumblog there are comments and reblogs of others' posts as well. I think that if there'd been Tumblr when I started Three Faces I would have put it there instead of at WebcomicsNation. I also think that Tumblr may be what I thought I was going to get when I signed up at deviantArt, because I certainly haven't put anything new at deviantArt since I signed up at Tumblr.

I almost replaced the LiveJournal button with the Tumblr button. About all I use LJ for any more is archiving Twitter entries. But I do post there still if rarely. So, in case of lack of timely AKOTAS update, the go-to places to find out if I've posted an explanation remain Twitter and LJ, and possibly Tumblr.


Thanks to the reader who sent in a donation over the weekend, presumably in reaction to Friday's gag. It was appreciated.

I should mention, though, that although things are rough enough that I've elected to leave the PayPal donation button up indefinitely, as in the past when I'm making an actual appeal for reader donations it won't be in the cartoon, it'll be in this space.

Thanks for your support.


I look at each of my PayPal accounts about once every two weeks when there hasn't been any traffic on them, because PayPal recommends you log in once in awhile to keep the account active. Last night check-in was due on the account attached to the donation button on the front page of AKOTAS' site.

The balance was almost a hundred dollars more than I expected.

Turns out, on the date exactly two weeks before, there'd been a donation made. Thanks, donor. I apologize for not thanking you publicly earlier (though it was early stated in this space that I don't mention names without express permission when contacted directly by readers). There must have been an automated notice from PayPal to the email account concerned, but I must have overlooked it.

Thanks for your support.


Another reader donation this week. I thank you, and our cats thank you.


I hope this weekend everyone remembered that I've been saying for years, if updates fail to appear here, check my Twitter feed. In case not, today's index page features Saturday's and Sunday's as well as today's.

But, since I did tweet Saturday's and Sunday's on their proper update schedule, I consider that my string of consecutive daily updates remains unbroken.

If you'd like to know how it is I came to be unable to update the main site here when the cartoons were in fact completed, I refer you again to my Twitter feed.


There wasn't a Pentecost feast gag on Pentecost this year because that was in the middle of the light-duty cartoon format period when I was moving; and because I was so out-of-it during the move that, even though Pentecost is the primary holiday at Camelot, I lost track and forgot it was going to be Pentecost till I got to church that morning. Then I didn't even think of this gag till this week. So this gag goes on a blue page, meaning it's a flashback.

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