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On LiveJournal it's said that five things make a post. I decided not to wait.

1. Speaking of LiveJournal, I've turned Twitter mirroring back on. If ever I go more'n twenty four hours without updating you ought to find the story in either place.

2. Tailsteak put Guenevere in a Leftover Soup (NSFW dialog).

3. As discussed recently by AKOTAS characters and less obliquely in Creative Process, I've put AKOTAS on at least sporadic light duty during my wife's second bout of cancer chemo in two years. Despite initial determination (as chronicled in Creative Process) not to let my personal strain interfere with the Grailquest, I find my concentration is poor. I suppose there will be a lot of cartoons with the characters breaking the fourth wall and other formats I use for filler. There will not, as the characters have mentioned, be any timeskip as there was the other times I decided to go alternate format for awhile. When regular strength cartoons resume those events that would have been portrayed during the light duty period will be reported in recaps. Now, for all I know at this time, I may flip between light duty and regular AKOTAS many times between now and when my wife's treatments are done. But, for all I know at this time, that may be the remainder of AKOTAS's run.


The most recent request for AKOTAS swag I've had, some years ago, was for a mug or something with the caption, "You can't beat the classics." So now that I've decided to start an AKOTAS store at Zazzle, that's the first product I produced.

If you'd like to see the same design on another of Zazzle's products it'll be simple for me to produce it.

I've got ideas for other art for the same caption, and for a few other captions. I'm open to suggestion for those things. They'll appear in the store at whatever intervals are required for me to put the art out.

I'm still not sure whether there'll ever be books, though I am sure that there won't be before the run ends.


Last Sunday I looked at the AKOTAS bulletin board discussion forum for what turned out to be the first time in weeks. A reader had provided a link to refute the allegation I put in Lancelot's mouth in the new, light-duty "green room" format cartoon for 8/4/12. There were some other corrections advised that merely required editing existing cartoons, but this one needed a retraction and I commented promising one.

This was the first version I scripted and drew:

For a moment Arthur also had a following line that went along the lines of, "It's nice to know our opposition isn't wrong about everything." But I decided that that was a snarky thing for Arthur to say, reflective rather of my own crankiness at having been caught out in an error, and out of character for Arthur.

The more I reflected on how in-character it was for Arthur to be more interested in the injustice not after all being done, the more I realized that the gag as first presented left Arthur's reaction more subtle than I wanted to risk it being. So that's why I drew it over cut-and-pasted it into proper contemporary form. Not because I didn't want to backslide to the light duty format, but because I needed to clearly make the point that Arthur is better than, well, for instance, me.


Due to logistical issues, daily update time may become erratic for the indefinite future.

Since it's been alluded to or at least implied in cartoon dialog but never spelled out in this space, I'll mention now that this year's new cartoon format wherein cut-and-paste characters stand frameless against the green page and deliver topical commentary, Grailquest updates or puns is what I call the "Green Room" arc or format in my spreadsheet. Green Room is like intermittent FMLA absence from employment, in that I consider it "hiatus" instead of "filler". Even though previous instances of "haitus" for AKOTAS have consisted of six-month solid deviations to alternate formats, this one is stretches of cartoon in a light duty format that last only several days or even only one. In the statistics in my spreadsheet Green Room is counted not as filler but as hiatus like AKOTAS-2 or sketch hiatus cartoons were, and anyone who pays attention on such occasions as I report such statistics may want to know that.


The Paypal donation button is back on the main page. I dislike doing that, but things are on the verge of getting bad enough to obstruct not only cartoon updating but cartoon production.

If all the readers AKOTAS has, according to monthly unique IP address counts in visitor statistics, were to donate a dollar each, that'd be more than enough to resolve current issues.

So is reading Arthur, King of Time and Space, or has reading Arthur, King of Time and Space ever been, worth a dollar to you?


Thank you, readers, for your support this week, from myself and my wife. Your contributions haven’t Solved All Our Problems, and weren’t expected to, and shouldn’t be expected to; but they’re sure taking care of gas and milk and catfood so we can focus.

We're not out of the woods yet. I'm going to leave the PayPal button, but I'm going to stop keeping the donation request on the main page.

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