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Arthur made his promise to Ygraine here.

As noted in previous newsposts ... Are the text pieces I put in this space really "newsposts"? That's what they're ususally called on webcomic sites, that or "rants", and that's what the navigation above says. But the things I say here don't really fit the definitions of news or rantings.

Anyway, as noted in previous discussions, my source for the events of the Saxon Rock campaign isn't Malory's Morte d'Arthur which leaves them out, but the Old French Vulgate cycle of romances (as translated and abridged in The Lancelot-Grail Reader, Lacy ed.). The Morte leaves it ambiguous whether Arthur is aware of the Guenevere-Lancelot affair till the end, but in the Vulgate cycle his ignorance is definitely established when, at the end, he learns of the affair from a mural on Morgan's wall that Lancelot painted while he was being held prisoner. From that point on Arthur is a prime mover in the effort to expose the affair - quite a contrast with The Once and Future King (in which White claimed the characters to be the same as in the Morte) in which Arthur loves both Guenevere and Lancelot too much to expose them and have medieval justice served on them. Arthur's behavior in the Vulgate seems awfully hypocritical to contemporary sensibilites: persecuting and prosecuting his queen for treason on account of her affair with his most loyal and accomplished retainer, when his extramarital affair was with an enemy of the state and placed the kingdom in clear and present danger. Maybe that's why Malory left it out. Given what little we know about Malory, at least according to Robert Graves in the introduction to Baines, Malory's sympathies were most likely with the knights having the affairs, describing the adultresses involved as the truest loves there could ever be. Mark is an unremitting bounder in the Morte but, in aid of presenting Arthur to be almost as great a hero as Lancelot, Malory seems to selectively leave out all the most foolish and petty things he does in the Vulgate. Perhaps that's why he left out the origin of Lancelot's affair, tied in as it is with Arthur's affair with Camille.

AKOTAS, in its post-Malory post-White environment, is in a position to put the Battle of Saxon Rock back in, but have Arthur use it as a lesson. Even if Guenevere and Lancelot don't. Which is all the apology I have for myself and anyone else who thinks I may've glossed over the actual battle part of the battle, or over Camille herself. Though actually there's not much more in my source.

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. Le Morte Darthur: Sir Thomas Malory's Book of King Arthur and of his Noble Knights of the Round Table, Volume 1 and Volume 2.

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