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Arthur, King of Time and Space Arthur, King of Time and Space

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Arthur, King of Time and Space


Last week I asked whether any of my readers know of another webcomic updated daily, by someone to whom it also doesn't represent job or career or even possible career, who also never misses an update. You guys directed me to two: 1/0 ran exactly a thousand days. Funny Farm is from a fellow Daily Grinder who'd escaped my notice in this regard, and who, I'm told, did once take 184-day hiatus for the purpose of finishing med school.

I closed that paragraph a week ago noting that if I wanted to retain that distinction myself I needed to stop writing that paragraph and write a gag for that day. Then I updated with a filler. To add self-insult to self-injury, it was a filler I'd just drawn right then instead of one I'd pulled from my filler reserve, which is empty. You know how whenever I discuss my previous dailies' occasional burnout periods, I always conclude with "but so far the evil days come not"? The evil days come. The reason I drew Wednesday's cartoon in Shapes style is not because it was a crowd scene, which it wasn't, nor because I think the gag played especially better that way, which I certainly don't, but because by the time I'd written the gag it was eight or nine p.m.* and I felt too tired to draw. This may be symptomatic of stress at school, and of stress in the bank balance; and of having, Friday, for the first time in a long time, drunk most of two liters of Coke by myself in one evening, and being short on sleep ever since.

The other interesting thing about Wednesday's cartoon is that I almost did it over in triangles when Shapes wasn't doing it justice. I decided not to because AKOTAS regularly hares off in enough different directions at once as it is, but since then I've been debating with myself whether to work in triangles instead of Shapes for regular but non-pencil AKOTAS in the future. Discussion?

Of course, the punchline is, here I am writing newspost instead of gag again.

* That is, eight or nine p.m. CDT, which is about when, according to the update schedule I adopted in January, the four-hour update window opens.

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