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Arthur, King of Time and Space Arthur, King of Time and Space

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Arthur, King of Time and Space


Recording the creative process

1. Ferrett Steinmetz blogs a lot about writing Home on the Strange. He's written a coupla times recently about putting an effort into making individual strips which share a plot continuity standalone in case of new reader: the mechanical things, like having to spend the first panel recapping The Story So Far, and having the characters call each other by name. The first time I saw him write about this I noticed that my characters don't call each other by name very much. (This is probably a function of my not being very good at, or anyway not being very mindful of, giving characters voices different from mine; I generally contrive not to address people by their names very much.)

I wrote about a year ago that I'd checked my most recent strips and was satisfied with their accessibility. But more recently I've been thinking that when I link to AKOTAS in casual conversation I ought to link to the first strip instead of the main page. After all, it really is a pretty wacky premise. A reader who otherwise would enjoy it but comes to the main page on a given day, and finds unnamed characters not rescuing maidens or slaying dragons but griping about sketch comedy, might be confused enough not to stick around.

I happened to think of this while I was importing today's dialog into the graphic file from the text file where it had been composed. I ended up revising every line of dialog in the first panel. I changed Guenevere's single word from, "What?" to, "Leave?!"; I added Lancelot's name to Arthur's line; and I added the word Roman to Lancelot's line.

2. Over the next few months AKOTAS will be covering events recorded in the section of the Morte which Vinaver called The Book of Sir Lancelot. I'm particularly proud of the rationale I've given Lancelot for wanting to go off and Quest at this point in his life. (The public rationale I mean, not the private one, which I cribbed from The Once and Future King. White wrote that Lancelot went off questing not to establish his honor but to preserve it, as one forum poster noted yesterday.) Because it's true: since my primary source is the Morte, which leaves out what we superhero comics fans would call Lancelot's secret origin, for a knight-errant my Lancelot has a singular lack of actual maiden-rescuing and dragon-slaying under his belt. What prowess he has demonstrated is in areas Arthur and the Round Table principles* consider secondary or to be outright avoided. I'm proud of myself for having thought of it soon enough to incorporate it into sending him off on the questing to which he's compelled by the sources (as opposed to, e.g., the way I dealt with the loss of Bedivere's hand). This is the magic of fanfiction. And I'm proud of myself because it's always good for the characters to remind us that, whatever else they are, they're heroes.

* Yes, I meant principles not principals.

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