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Arthur, King of Time and Space
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Arthur, King of Time and Space

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Arthur, King of Time and Space


For those keeping score, this's exactly two years of Arthur, King of Time and Space and never a missed update.

And it's paying off. Now, aside from joining the Daily Grind and the one 'snark, both more'n a year ago, AKOTAS hasn't got any high-profile notice from webcomics culture. But readership grows steadily. And there's been incidence of being casually linked to in passing; from Fleen, from LJ webcomics communities, from the Arthurnet mailing list. Better taken for granted than a flash in the pan.

The most important thing about holding the webcomic audience is setting an update schedule you can keep, and then keeping it. I once pledged in this space that to miss an update I'd have to be "in mourning, or hospitalized, or dead myself". So far, none of those things have happened and, so far, I haven't missed an update. I'm a webcomics reader too, and if I'm told - or left to infer by observation - you update three to seven times a week and then I don't see an update for a month, see if you stay in my links. Unless, of course, you're Boxjam.

(Quality work is important too. I hesitate to say that, because in context it sounds immodest and I attempt most of the time to appear modest. However I do try for quality as well as quantity - and I daresay after thirty years of daily cartoons, on paper and electrons, whatever positive and negative qualities they possess must be consistent - and not to at least acknowledge I try could be twisted into an insult to the readers by someone prone to that sort of behavior of which the internet has plenty. Still, if someone called me a hack I'd have to reply, "Your point being?")

And everyone who ever guessed since December who is the mystery knight got it right. Interesting that The DaVinci Code should open on the same weekend as Galahad's debut here.

Thanks for reading.

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Arthuriana sources I use or recommend:
Arthurian Legend
Arthuriana - the Journal of Arthurian Studies; the website of the quarterly journal of the North American Branch of the International Arthurian Society.
The Camelot Project at the University of Rochester.
Camelot In Four Colors: A Survey of the Arthurian Legend in Comics
Mystical-WWW - The Arthurian A2Z knowledge Bank which has encyclopedically-arranged entries on the characters of the Arthurian legends.
Le Morte Darthur: Sir Thomas Malory's Book of King Arthur and of his Noble Knights of the Round Table, Volume 1 and Volume 2.

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