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Arthur, King of Time and Space Arthur, King of Time and Space

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Arthur, King of Time and Space


Happy Easter.

On the message board TheFishyMan asked:

Today's [yesterday's] Comic bothers me a little bit. Is it in the Space Arc? That's space Lancelot, despite the fact that the action occurs in a castle. (It's been established that British Space is sometimes a little odd like that, and also loose with it's definition of 'castle'.)

If it's the Space Arc, though, wouldn't the Wandering Jew be considerably older than 'over five hundred years old'? Didn't Jesus live and then die on the 'hypothetical origin planet'? Or is something stranger going on?

Or is he in fact Mel Brooks?

I responded:
As noted in the FAQ (in the paragraph about space Merlin's time-travel pals), in the space arc the cycle of the history of this planet seems to be transposed to the entire universe when Arthur's company goes to space. In the history of the planet Greece was a nation (or more accurately a group of city-states); in the space arc a planet. At fairy tale Arthur's time on our planet Rome was a declining European empire; at space Arthur's time in the universe it's a declining star empire. On Earth Jesus was a contemporary of the Caesars; in space Jesus was a contemporary of the Caesars. Recall that even space Merlin the time-traveler refers to the "hypothetical origin planet" because even he knows nothing of time earlier than "the colony on Eden". History follows Arthur into space when he goes, including the history of Christianity. I can see how that might not be entirely clear when the other time-jumping he does is within the planet's history.

I mean Jesus to be one of Merlin's pals, but suitable gags haven't been forthcoming.

Hopefully at least the issue of space arc castles is clearer today. I don't think I recall that space arc castles have ever been portrayed as buildings on planets, though there's a niggling reservation at the back of my memory when I make the assertion. Am I wrong?

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