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Arthur, King of Time and Space


Recording the creative process

The one with the sound effect upside prompted a reader to comment on the message board that Guenevere had struck Arthur twice in a week. My initial reaction was to resolve to back off. She's supposed to be a hero(ine), isn't she? Can't have her beating her spouse.

But after a coupla days' thought, I posted this over there, which deserves to be posted over here too:

Maybe my views are colored by having read The Once and Future King first - White supposedly having been something of a misogynist - but if you go back to the Morte, Guenevere is abusive. She screams at Lancelot a lot. She refuses to believe his story of his betrayals by Elaine, which drives him into a two year madness or at least is the last straw. Even when she mellows with age she's always sending him away (so that she can get in trouble and he can show up to rescue her in the nick of time). I try to portray Guenevere as a free spirit and not as a stereotypical hysterical female, but really in the sources that's someone she is.

White tried to explain the contradictions in her by saying "it's difficult to write about a real person", which I used to think was a cop-out, but if he was a misogynist that might have been the best he could do. Guenevere has always been the character out of the three of them who differs the most from treatment to treatment - compare Parke Godwin to Marion Zimmer Bradley, or Camelot to King Arthur. I never really got the handle on her I have now until I started globally replacing the characters in my Star Trek fanfiction with these characters and she got McCoy; that's who she is to me, the bleeding-heart sensualist cynic, the personification of the hero's heart in the conflicts between his heart and his mind. But to me she's also who she is in White, and White always claimed his characters were Malory's.

Maybe I need not to stop her thumping Arthur (and eventually Lancelot) every once in awhile, because that's who she is.

The guy who writes Home on the Strange has been blogging this week about making sure all his characters are flawed. I wonder what Arthur's and Lancelot's flaws are in AKOTAS.

Anyone got any observations on that? Have I been allowing my characters to be flawed? Yeah, they're supposed to be archetypes, but if I want the reader sticking around for twenty-five years they've gotta be interesting people too.

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