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Arthur, King of Time and Space Arthur, King of Time and Space

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Arthur, King of Time and Space


Brad Guigar of the webcomic Greystone Inn has announced in several places that he's organizing a "webcomic telethon" for disaster relief. He's done this sort of thing before, so if you draw check it out.


When I discovered, in implementing Thursday's update, that I'd never uploaded the files for Wednesday's update, I put both cartoons on the index page for the day - adding a complaint that no one had complained. One reader responded to my petulance by pointing out that I am late sometimes (in fact, this one's going up about two hours late because I have class Thursday evenings this semester). Another pointed out that you readers had no way of knowing whether I live in a hurricane-affected area, and it'd've been a bit small of people to complain about webcomic updating when the possibility existed that my home or body was under fifteen feet of water. That's a good point, though in fact I live just outside the area on the maps I've been seeing on the news. To the degree that my whining was out of line, I apologize to all flood victims.

(As I stated in the temporary note yesterday, my slip-up will not cost me the Daily Grind Challenge. Since my scheduled update time 00:01 GMT is more'n a day in advance of the Grind's daily deadline of 23:59 PDT, I was still good for Wednesday at my normal Thursday update time.)

As you can see today, I don't intend to portray the full participation of my characters in the hurricane relief efforts (except maybe a little for the telethon), for the same reason Merlin's trip to Asia last January occurred mostly offstage: I'm not going myself and so I don't feel adequate to an accurate portrayal. But it's what they would do. I like to think I would, too, if I had Merlin's resources. What resources, you ask? Hey, look behind you!

As you can also see today, after doing several jokes pointing up Lancelot's place in the MASH arc as the straightlaced, unsympathetic executive officer, I felt it necessary to reinforce the fact that Lancelot is always the best at whatever he does wherever and whenever he does it. I did that in Wednesday's too but I'm not certain how clear it was then.

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