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Arthur, King of Time and Space Arthur, King of Time and Space

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Arthur, King of Time and Space

7/24/05 20:30 CDT (7/25/05 01:30 GMT)


We're in a college town that was once the state capitol. Actually the motel where we're staying is in the town next door. I've discovered there's a cafe with wifi down the road. I've also discovered their phone number in the yellow pages isn't any good. I've decided not to sweat updating till midmorning tomorrow CDT, which means in excess of twelve hours later than schedule. It may be like this till I get home. (But it won't mean forfeiting the Daily Grind contest. I'll still be updating each day well ahead of the 23:59 PDT deadline.)

But the battery in Junior, my laptop, can't hold a charge for spit (which is why Junior's my laptop and the newer, more robust laptop belongs to the law student lawyer in the household). Taking Junior to a wifi place is second best, unless I can plug him in. I think that's a possibility - at least, I think I recall that the newly remodeled McDonald's at home has wifi and a table of seating with outlets, and if it does that may mean other places have had the same thought. If not though, when I get there, I'll be constrained to update AKOTAS first, do what I can next, and forego such of my usual daily nettage as I can't get to before Junior conks out, which I suspect'd be most of it. I hope if anyone misses me they'll think to check here because I don't know how much else I'll get done with the rest of the paltry time I'll have.

But I'd prefer a place that'll rent me computer time at an hourly rate, on a Windows PC where I can connect to the 'net and plug in my USB flash drive. My attempts to find such a place have yet only turned up the wifi cafe. Even looking in the phone directory for Kinko's (or under Fedex-Kinko's) has brought no joy. But perhaps, if there are 'net stations available to the public at the university library, I can do my FTPing at the wifi cafe and the rest of my 'netting at the library. Stay tuned.

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