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Arthur, King of Time and Space Arthur, King of Time and Space

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Arthur, King of Time and Space


The Incredible Shrinking Recording the creative process

Back when I was drawing AKOTAS with the computer mouse regularly, I made the observation that one advantage to it was composing directly in the final presentation space. There've been several pen/cil-drawn AKOTAS with sloppy panel compositions because I have a tendency to draw just a little bigger than'll fit. That can be dealt with even in MSPaint, but it takes some forethought. One lunchtime when I'd discovered I'd drawn too large, it occurred to me I could walk down to the receptionist's copy machine and reduce the original so that it'd scan into MSPaint the size I wanted. (Could prolly do it at home, too, on the three-in-one that does my scanning, but when I'm at home most of my work is on Sunday cartoons where size matters not.) Then earlier this week - oh, I think it was when Morgause dosed Arthur - there was a day when I didn't even try scanning the original before I took it to the copy machine to be reduced.

Today looked like another day like that ... but when I scanned the reduction it seemed to be too small. So I tried scanning the original after all. I ended up using the original size for panels one and two, and the reduction for panels three and four.

Say, does today's gag communicate even if you don't already know that years from now Morgause dies at the hands of her sons in Lamorak's bed?

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