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Arthur, King of Time and Space Arthur, King of Time and Space

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Arthur, King of Time and Space


Remember the other day when I said that day's cartoon will be the final one in the AKOTAS year one print collection when/if that ever happens? When I wrote that I realized, if there was a year two collection, then the week's cartoons since could one day possibly become the introduction to AKOTAS of someone who for whatever reason picked up the second book first. So I've been trying to couch the gags in dialog that'd be good orientation for a new reader. Have you noticed? Is it too heavy-handed? If not, is it getting the job done? Or am I just always that expositional so you couldn't tell the difference? I also plan that I'd reprint the very first gag on the back of every year's collection...

In general the attempt at introductory material has served to lend to the opening of AKOTAS's second year a sense of occasion to me that I don't recall experiencing with any other instance of anniversary during my long history of drawing cartoons daily. For example, I feel very conscious that yesterday's gag was more wacky and slapstick than AKOTAS usually produces; and I noticed because I've been reflecting that I did draw wackier, more slapstick gags in the 70s and 80s, so I wonder whether the present-day lack of wackiness is a symptom of mature sophistication, or of creative stagnation, or both; and I wonder whether I ought to make year two The Wacky Year just for the creative exercise. I wonder whether I'm going through midlife crisis, and whether contemporary Merlin ought to buy a compensatory sportscar (compensating for my own disinterest in sportscars). And since midlife crises are all about the mortality, I wonder whether I'm going to live till 2029 as I committed to doing when I started AKOTAS - even though I'll only be sixty-nine then, and both my parents are older than that and going strong, and both my grandparents who died of natural causes lived to nice margins older than that.

I bet other webcartoonists, generally being half my age, don't go through this at their first anniversary. Maybe I'll ask one the next time I catch them cutting across my lawn.

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