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Arthur, King of Time and Space Arthur, King of Time and Space

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Arthur, King of Time and Space


This is the "spoiler" I've referred to in the FAQ, and the "elephant in the room that's invisible to those unfamiliar with the legends" I referred to in the introductory post in the forum: Arthur and Morgan have the same mother. The three ringleaders of Arthur's subject kings contesting the succession are married to his three elder half-sisters - gee, you 'spose there's some causality there? It'll be good not to have to dance around this any more. (Assuming AKOTAS has any readers who didn't already know this. In fact, I recently realized that I mentioned that Morgan is Arthur's sister already in the essay on character color-coding. I think I recall noticing then, too late, that I'd done it. I had to hope no one made anything of it, when Arthur's birthday finally rolled around. Certainly no reader's written to say, "Now, in the color essay you said ... But ever since Arthur's birthday they ... Ew, ick." But again, that's probably because you all already knew.)

For example: There's a cartoon I originally wrote for the end of the first contemporary arc week but never updated with, because it was a spoiler for today's revelation. It's now on the (new today) extras page. But there are a couple corrolary revelations still coming over the next few days, so the FAQ won't be updated till that's over.

The full sister whom Pellinore marries is named Anna and is mentioned as far as I know solely in Geoffrey of Monmouth who as far as I know doesn't say anything else about her. I 'spose I'll get around to that eventually.

(And all you webcartoonists with your Luke-and-Leia-find-out-too-late jokes during the advent of Episode III, or since 1983: we Arthurians got you beat by at least a thousand years. Eat our dust.)

Finally: Today's is AKOTAS's 366th consecutive daily update on its first anniversary. Name me more'n five "freshman" webcomics that can boast they did that. I can think of two or three possibilities, but I'm not certain these were their creators' freshman efforts, or whether they missed a day their first year. But then, given my fanfiction site, it could be argued that AKOTAS isn't my freshman effort either. But still, I dare you.

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Arthuriana sources I use or recommend:
Arthurian Legend
Arthuriana - the Journal of Arthurian Studies; the website of the quarterly journal of the North American Branch of the International Arthurian Society.
The Camelot Project at the University of Rochester.
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