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Arthur, King of Time and Space Arthur, King of Time and Space

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Arthur, King of Time and Space


It's Saturday. It's Saturday, and I've been indulging all my appetites today because they're the appetites I get when I'm feeding a cold. It's Saturday, and a filler won't knock me out of the Daily Grind challenge. It's Saturday, and I'm running a story series of gags at the moment, but I can't bump Saturday's to Sunday and Sunday's to Monday - because Sunday's is a traditionally expanded Sunday gag which won't fit in a four-panel Monday - nor bump Sunday's till next week; but I can tack Saturday's onto the beginning of Sunday's and draw the lot for then. It's Saturday and I'm running a filler. Story concludes tomorrow.

A reader writes:

Love the comic! Question though, on Irregular Webcomic you can go back and check out a specific storyline if you wish, such as Cliffhangers or Pirates. Would it be possible to set up such a system for Arthur? The other day I realized I wanted to re-read some of the comic, and then realized I felt like re-reading just the contemporary arc ...

I considered that when I set up the website. Two factors made me decide not to go that way. First, and more important, my different "arcs" don't concern all different characters and plots like Irregular Comic's different threads do. In AKOTAS what happens in one is a mirror-reflection of what happens in all others. They're all the same story; we the audience are only looking at it through many different filters. Second, I don't know PHP and I handcode the site to update it. Under these circumstances another couple links to edit in each affected file every day unnecessarily multiplies the risk of human error.

Thanks for reading.

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