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Arthur, King of Time and Space Arthur, King of Time and Space

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Arthur, King of Time and Space


The Thing of Shapes to Come

I think Arthur's MSPaint style works pretty well, for something that wasn't planned out ahead.

Obviously it needed to be something that was easily distinguishable from my normal style; like Merlin's is, I hope, with its lack of outlines and its handwritten dialog. I had already decided Arthur's style would be computer-generated geometric shapes, which I like to use sometimes. But when I wrote the dialog I hadn't imagined anything yet but a couple of featureless shapes with dialog balloons hanging over them. I thought probably the triangle would have a pony tail so Guenevere would think it was her.

I like minimalist cartoons, but not that minimalist. When I gave the triangle its pony tail, it didn't look right without some hair on top of it too. Then the square didn't look right without hair. Then they needed at least eyes and mouths. Then the square's hair should probably be square instead of rectangular, duh. Meanwhile the dialog and balloon outlines were done in white instead of black because originally the background was the same near-black as the background behind the webcam windows in the other panels. So I played with the background color, and whether the balloon interiors ought to be the same as the background, and ... and I think it's nicely different from AKOTAS's normal look and still interesting in itself.

Of course, while Merlin and I are pretty set in our styles, Arthur's only sixteen. His shape characters will probably evolve a lot over the next few years.

While Arthur's panel depicted here is probably funny to AKOTAS readers, it's probably only the last panel of a multi-panel strip Arthur drew. Unless you know his pals as well as he does (as I would hope AKOTAS readers do by now) the gag would need at least some set-up. Arthur'd realize that; unless, maybe, this is one of the panels he drew toward the end of his twenty-four hours.

I wasn't going to write any commentary on today's cartoon. I still believe that it shouldn't take longer to read all the text on a webcomic site than it takes to read all the cartoons. But I reluctantly decided that it fell under the heading of recording the creative process. Then the title at the top of the essay came to me. Maybe that'll be the name of Arthur's webcomic. Stay tuned.

And I should probably before now have provided a link to the 24 Hour Comic Day website, since tomorrow's when the event happen.

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