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Arthur, King of Time and Space Arthur, King of Time and Space

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Arthur, King of Time and Space


Recording the creative process and the Temple of Doom

Usually when I have a gag with a lot of repeated figures like this one, I do what any webcartoonist would do: I cut-and-paste.

If I have a gag in which one, some or all of the figures are identical in two or more panels, I'll draw the figure/s once, scan it/them, and paste it/them into each panel where the character/s so appear/s. (Those are easy to color too - I just color the first figure, select the colors without the outline, and copy the color selection into the figure/s in the other panel/s.) If I have a gag in which some figure/s are near identical in two or more panels, I'll draw the figure/s once with all the attributes required for every panel, scan it/them, paste the composite figure/s into each concerned panel, and for each panel erase the bits that don't belong there. (Coloring these is more difficult, which is why I say cutting-and-pasting near-identical figures into multiple panels is probably more work than drawing each panel separately.)


Today I had six near-identical figures. I've never had six near-identical figures. I didn't believe I could draw the figure in all six configurations (well, five; the only difference between the first and second is Arthur's mouth) at once, scan it, and not have it come out too muddled to sort out. So I drew the figure in one configuraton, scanned it, erased his arms and drew them in the next configuration, scanned it, etc. Consequently there were minor differences between the figures in their outlines, even the outlines not erased and redrawn, that required individual coloring of all figures (except the first and second).

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