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Arthur, King of Time and Space Arthur, King of Time and Space

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Arthur, King of Time and Space


Here's the deal on non-green pages.

When Arthur, King of Time and Space pages are red instead of green, that means the day's cartoon is set sometime in the future of the cartoons' regular, current time. For instance, right now on green pages it's nearing the end of the first year of Arthur's reign. Cartoons set near the end of Arthur's reign, or in the middle of Arthur's reign, may appear here on red pages.

When Arthur, King of Time and Space pages are blue instead of green, that means the day's cartoon is set sometime in the past of the cartoons' regular, current time. For instance, when now is near the beginning of Arthur's reign, cartoons set before Arthur's reign may appear here on blue pages. Like, say, today.

This is in keeping with Einsteinian concepts of time travel. If you go backwards or forwards in time, it'll artificially lengthen or shorten the lightwaves you're looking at, giving them an artificial red or blue tint. Notice the same thing happens to the holographic orrery of the universe which Merlin's time machine's console projects above itself: when the time machine's under weigh backwards in time the orrery turns blue and when it's under weigh forwards in time the orrery turns red.

(Actually I'm not certain I don't have this reversed. But I'm pretty sure, and I'm committed now... If I find out I'm wrong - no doubt several of you will post on the forum - I'll admit it here but I won't change it in the cartoons.)

Note that this displacement in time hasn't anything to do with the timeshifting between story arcs. It's relative to Arthur's time-hopping history, not absolute to time itself. There could be a red-paged fairy tale arc cartoon that's set during the Renaissance or a blue-paged contemporary arc cartoon that's set in 1976.

Hopefully, to the casual doesn't-read-the-text-section reader this will be wholly transparent and/or perfectly obvious.

This is all consequent of what I wrote about once before: not being accustomed to writing characters in linear time when I know their whole history already. My mind, or my muse, just couldn't leave things linear and niggled away till I came up with a way to accomodate nonlinearity. This doesn't mean I'll be abandoning linearity entirely; it just means I can abandon it when the characters drive me to. Like, say, this week. Or if, say, one day they get paranoid about me living all the way to 2029 which is when the ending of AKOTAS is currently scheduled.


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