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Arthur, King of Time and Space Arthur, King of Time and Space

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Arthur, King of Time and Space


I wanted to put contemporary Guenevere in today's without making it what I'm starting to think of as, in so many words, a sprite cop-out. Then the gag came to me (Actually it's one that's been lying around for awhile. There's a sign that says exactly this on a closed gas station on the main drag in my city.). Thing is, the sentiment expressed is that of someone who lives and works in the city - but I suspect Guenevere and her family are suburb dwellers, whose unexamined assumption would be that people start out out there. But I gave her the gag anyway because it was her turn. Maybe they don't live in the suburbs.

Also: a reader wrote in response to my discussion of cop-out at Thanksgiving, when I drew Guenevere and Gwenhyvach at home but clothed:'s _November_. GOD HIMSELF would have difficulty convincing me
to stand around naked indoors. Because indoors, it's still COLD! And I
don't care how high you crank the furnace; it's not high enough.
Outside the covers, my hands won't get really warm again till spring.
Which is why I'm somewhat unhappy that my heater's not working at

Myself, I'd think going bareshouldered and barefoot is more than naked
enough for this time of year, even for a "naturist".

I replied at the time that contemporary Guenevere must live in southern California near San Diego - since she made a day trip to the Comicon without any need for planning ahead - where the climate's more temperate. Here's proof that she doesn't need to bundle up the way Arthur and Merlin have been doing since before Christmas.

Also, note the first appearance of Guenevere's mother, whose name I don't know yet.

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