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Arthur, King of Time and Space Arthur, King of Time and Space

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Arthur, King of Time and Space


This's an outtake from this cartoon.


A loyal reader writes:
I would find it helpful, and there may be other readers too, if you
put the date of the current strip in the text of the page as well as
in the image. (For one thing, we wouldn't have to wait for the strip
to load to see if it had updated yet.)

Is waiting for the strip to load that much of an issue? It surprises me because I was under the impression that my filesizes are about half most webcomics' ... and perhaps because I blithely, incorrectly assume that everyone's got about as fast a connection as I do. I'd like to hear from readers on this, both yes and no.

Now what I as a reader do in a case like this - with, e.g., PvP and Something Positive - is I postpone daily reading till later in the day when I know or can be reasonably sure the update'll be up. As readers of my text section know, I try to update at 0000 GMT, but I'm frequently late because that's the dinner hour in my time zone. However I'm rarely more'n two hours late and never more'n four hours late. 0400 GMT should be good any day.

It's definitely flattering that, for one person at the least, waiting while the graphic file loads to find out whether there's an update is significant enough a hardship to mention. Especially since that allows one to extrapolate that waiting four hours later each day would also be a significant hardship. But, since I hand-code, adding the date globally would entail one more thing to have to remember every day. Nevertheless barring prohibitive inconvenience I'll bow to the majority of expressed reader opinions on readability issues.

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