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Arthur, King of Time and Space Arthur, King of Time and Space

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Arthur, King of Time and Space


Heretics of recording the creative process

Two days ago I wrote in this space of the baseline arc having to flail for a year till the battle of Bedegraine because in Malory the battle followed right on Arthur's coronation.

Then I went back and rechecked something, and I'd remembered correctly (if belatedly): In Malory there are two battles between Arthur's allies and Lot's allies. Bedegraine comes fast on the coronation, and Arthur wins with the help of his French allies despite being outnumbered, because then Lot and his fellow rebel subject kings are obliged to back off due to an invasion back home. Then there's another battle some time later, finally putting paid to the subject kings' rebellion.

Since in the baseline arc I've sorta missed the proper time for the battle of Bedegraine, I'm going to leave it out and proceed from here, but when Malory's conclusive battle appears in the baseline arc it'll be called/placed at Bedegraine. Since Malorian immediate post-Bedegraine events involve Ban, in the baseline arc those events've now overtaken him, before he got out of Britain for my having sent him home last baseline arc week which I've now decided I oughtn't've done. Since Ban and his brother Bors both were important in the Malorian battle at Bedegraine, they'll be back in a year for the Arthur, King of Time and Space battle of Bedegraine. With those patches, events in the baseline arc are pretty much back on track with Malory - including the imminent introduction of at least one of the characters whose lack I was bemoaning before.

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