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created & last updated 10/21/06

Who are you? What makes you important? I've drawn a cartoon a day since 1976, with the occasional hiatus. The present manifestation of this is Arthur, King of Time and Space, which has run without a missed daily update since May 2004 and aims to retell the King Arthur legends in realtime over twenty-five years. Before that project I ran a website for my own fanfiction cartoons and stories which still updates a few times a week. I wrote and acted for Moebius Theatre in the 80s. By day I'm a mild-mannered office assistant for a major midwestern university school of nursing. I have a wife, two stepchildren, two stepgrandchildren, and a stepstepgrandson.

What are these movies? I'm teaching myself Flash animation. Think of these movies as an animated sketchbook.

Dude, what's with the triangle people? In the late 80s and early 90s there was a home computer animation program called FantaVision that I ran on an Amiga 500 with little extra memory. I created "triangle caricatures" then because, obviously, they're easier to animate than full figures. The Flash drawing tools, however, are very different from the tools in FantaVision, and I foresee evolution for the sake of simplicity in the character design here.

What's Infinity Labs? Remember I said above I've been drawing webcomics since before there was an internet? Mostly they were about myself and my friends, but there were some invented characters too. One was Newton Dexter, founder of Infinity Labs, a secret agency which sends science fiction fans into space and to other dimensions. Another was Akili Tembo, an elephant who talks, walks upright, and plays in a jazz band; he is only one of many "children" of a scientific endeavor called the Moreau Project. I drew about my friends and these characters basically from about 1977 till about 1997. In 2003 I revived them on the fanfiction website but they only lasted there a year, disappearing from that website just as Infinity Labs finally went public on Earth (the rest of the universe, of course, already knew all about it). Then in 2006 I revived their format for this website, creating an animated version of what's called in webcomics culture a "journal comic", like James Kolchaka's American Elf.

How often are there new movies? No set schedule. As of 10/21/06 the first new one has gone live since the website debuted with the initial four 8/27. The sixth one is being scripted.

Will you draw your female characters naked for me? I swear, all webcartoonists get asked this.

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