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Arthur, King of Time and Space Arthur, King of Time and Space

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Arthur, King of Time and Space


Bride of son of [i.e., daughter-in-law of] recording the creative process

Early on I wrote of having a week's cushion worked ahead. More recently I wrote of keeping better to my originally intended daily standalone gag format. I didn't say so then but that meant postponing indefinitely a half a dozen gags I'd already drawn, already scanned and already put through post-production (coloring and lettering).

It also meant I ultimately uploaded a cartoon that day that I'd drawn within the previous twenty-four hours, for the first time ever at Arthur, King of Time and Space.

I'd missed that kind of spontaneity. There's nothing else exactly like the thrill of making deadline with a cartoon that you hadn't even written when you woke up. The comfortable cushion was disallowing that.

Though it's still there sort of. One of those old cushion gags was used that week anyway, because it stood alone well enough and fit then, but the rest - as well as some quick-and-dirty gags I'm drawing expressly for this purpose - serve as cushion against days when I can't make deadline, cuz everyone has those days even if I haven't yet.

Today's cartoon was completed two hours before deadline. It would have been four hours, but awhile after I uploaded it I decided it needed two more panels than this version:

Draft cartoon

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