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Arthur, King of Time and Space Arthur, King of Time and Space

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Arthur, King of Time and Space


Even as I compose these words I'm uncertain I'll actually upload this.

The cartoon above isn't the version I originally updated with on June 9, 2004 and left here for a month and a half afterwards. The version below is. The version below has composition problems that gnawed at me every time I looked at it, and that (as you can see) are not at all difficult to fix. I finally sat down and fixed them.

But there's an assumed immutability to a fiction property that's been set down in print or onscreen or online. Fred Gallagher ranted once about the responsibility webcartoonists may or may not have to their readers not to revise their archives as they go along (more of an issue with a continuity strip like his than with daily humor like mine). The South Park guys are only the highest-profile movie fans I know of, out of those who object to "special edition" revisions of films we all grew up with. I don't share these opinions; I believe any fiction property worth having is worth refining - hence the present exercise. But there are still disagreements even in arthurian scholarship whether the version of Malory that Caxton printed is the "real" Le Morte d'Arthur, or whether it's the manuscript Caxton worked from that was rediscovered about seventy years ago. People like definitiveness, and ever since technology, in the form of the printing press, allowed entertainment to be mass-produced people've been mistaking fiction for something that's set in stone rather than in mind.

However that's not why I'm reluctant to go through with this. I'm reluctant because I'm not certain I want to set the precedent with myself that I'll spend time working over past cartoons I'm dissatisfied with instead of working ahead, notwithstanding that it didn't bother me to do so on my previous website.

If you're reading this, you know what I decided. (This time anyway.)

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